How to Succeed in Business


As I sip a glass of wine and flick through an old business notebook, I stumble across an event I attended as a member of the WealthNet Club on the 16th of October, 2004.  I remember being particularly excited in the lead up to this event as there would be a female entrepreneur panel. We got to hear from Katherine Sampson (then of Healthy Habits, now of Hello Sam), Carolyn Creswell of Carman's Muesli and Michelle Michie (of Nicholson Media at the time).  

Katherine's tips were:

Source professional strategic direction
Have a cutting edge brand as your point of difference
Appoint a brand strategist/marketing director
Identify core and broad markets
Identify demographics and psychographics
Leave a legacy - make a difference
Get yourself out there, be confident and talk to people
DON'T be afraid
Surround yourself with positive people
Always look for the positive and negative points in every situation
Enjoy life

Carolyn shared her wisdom:

Have a point of difference
Be great at time management
Have integrity
Be focused
Always write things down (tick!)
Have passion for what you do
Find your niche
Read and learn
Be good to your staff

Michelle's tips:

Turn a crisis or problem into an opportunity
Live boldly and confidently so that positive things keep turning up in your life
Take the leap
Plan backwards - work back from your goal to see the steps you need to take to achieve it

So, 11 years into the future and all of the above is still relevant.  Except now we have more freedom, more access to information, more resources and maybe less time.  We're more social but we're anti social.  There's more competition, more challenges because we fight to cut through the noise to have our voice heard.  Still, we keep going.  We continue to seek inspiration and find it in many ways.  

I know Katherine and Carolyn have continued on their journey doing great things and still inspiring others in business.  Their tips and wisdom stand still, yet we can all learn from them as long as we're on this path and hope to achieve some of the great success they have experienced along the way.